6 tips to a flawless finish for your window film application:

  1. Automotive/Residential/Commercial: The applied film is not to be washed for a three week period after installation (vehicles) and 5 weeks for flat glass on commercial and residential spaces.
    -The curing period of the thicker gauged safety/security window film is eight weeks.
    During this curing/drying period you may observe distortion, water pockets or a cloudy effect due to trapped moisture; it is guaranteed to dissipate during the curing period.
  2. Automotive/Residential/Commercial: To avoid scratching the film, do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges, or any cleaning materials that may have been contaminated with dirt particles, as is commonly the case when washing interior and exterior windows with the same cleaning materials
  3. Automotive/Residential/Commercial: Do not attempt to lift the edges of the film or allow any sharp object to come into contact with the film.
  4. Automotive/Residential/Commercial: A micro-fiber cloth or chamois, along with a very soft cleaning solution is necessary to preserve the appearance and quality of the film. Abrasive materials are to be avoided for cleaning and drying.
  5. Automotive: Do not lower your windows for a minimum of 48 hours after installation.
  6. Incorrect cleaning and maintenance of the film will render the warranty null and void.