Question: How long does the application of Anti-Smash & Grab film take?

Answer: The upper time limit for completion is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Question: What is the Anti-Smash & Grab’s film thickness?

Answer: We use the industry standard of 100 microns. *Refer to the Information page for specifications.


Question: Is there an additional fee if I have pre-existing window film on my vehicle that needs to be removed?

Answer: Yes, the cost will be R400 for removal.


Question: How long should I wait to roll my windows down?

Answer: A minimum of 48 hours. *Further details found under After-care Instructions


Question: My residential/commercial property has pre-existing film which requires removal; can you remove it and are there any costs involved?

Answer: Firstly, yes, we can. Secondly, Costing ranges from R55-R65sq/m depending on the volume of work.